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Welcome from the AIS Admissions Team:

Thank you for your interest in enrolling your children at Association International School (AIS). AIS was established to serve the educational needs of both Ghanaian as well as children of other nationalities.

AIS is a private, international day-school conveniently located in the Airport Residential area of Accra. We currently serve over 350 students from Pre-Kindergarten through Grade 8, representing more than 30 nationalities. At AIS, we value and nurture our culturally diverse international school community. We encourage collaborative partnerships among our parents, teachers, students, and staff to maintain and strengthen the welcoming and caring environment that AIS is renowned for.

As you begin the application process, please take advantage of all of the helpful information on our website. If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact our office and let us know how the admissions team can be of assistance.

We look forward to meeting you, helping you choose the right school for your children and easing your transition to Accra, Ghana.


Application process


At AIS, our goal is to make the admissions process as easy as possible, so you can focus on what’s most important: getting the best education for your child. Below is an overview of our admissions process. Please note that as each child is unique, there may be times that we need to adjust the process to accommodate a particular situation. That said, we welcome you to explore AIS and learn more about the benefits of being part of the AIS family.


Step 1:          Complete the Initial enquiry form

Step 2:          Purchase registration package

Step 3:          Complete and return application forms and supporting documentation to the Admissions office (within 2 weeks, if possible)

Step 4:          Admissions will schedule a meeting between you, the parent/guardian, and the Head of School – this is her opportunity to get to know prospective AIS parents better, and allow these parents to get to know her better

Step 5:          Admissions will schedule a placement test date for your child (you will be contacted by Admissions within two weeks to schedule a follow-up meeting)

Step 6:          Admissions conducts a brief interview with your child (Grade 1 and up)

Step 7:          Admissions will inform you about the admission results for your child by letter – an invoice with all related fees and an enrollment contract is also included with your letter

Step 8:          Return enrollment contract and pay admission, tuition and related fees by deadline date

Note: Admission and tuition fees for first term must be paid in full before child can start school.



Campus tours


We invite you to come in and take a tour of our beautiful campus at any time. Simply call the Admissions team at [+233] 0289-556-850 to book an appointment.



Year/Grade Comparison


The attached chart indicates the minimum age requirement to enter a specific grade at AIS. It is important to pay careful attention to the grade/class conversion between the school that your child is coming from and the grades at AIS, as “Year” and “Grade” and not equivalent. For example, if your child is currently in Class 3 in a Ghanaian school, or Year 3 in a British school, they would be in Grade 2 at AIS, not Grade 3. This distinction is critical in the admissions process as we want to make sure that your child takes the placement test for the correct grade. If you are still unsure, a member of the admissions team would be more than happy to help clarify.


Year/Grade comparison chart



Tuition & Fees


Similar to other international school, you will be required to pay the following fees:

·         Registration fee – this fee will entitle you to get the required application forms as well as the placement test for your child. A separate registration fee is required for each application.

·         Admission fee – this is a one-time cost, which will allow your child to gain entry to AIS. The fee will vary depending on your fee status (i.e., Ghanaian, Long-term expatriate, Short-term expatriate/diplomat)

·         Tuition fee – this fee can be paid either termly or yearly. The tuition fee will vary depending on

o   what division your child is in (i.e., Lower school, Middle school, Upper school)

o   your fee status (i.e., Ghanaian, Long-term expatriate, Short-term expatriate/diplomat)

·         ESL/Learning Support – This fee is charged per term and will apply to students who:

o   Do not speak English as their first language, or

o   Who are struggling in either English and/or Math and require support on a one-to-one basis

o   Who have a learning disability and require an Individual Education Plan (IEP)


Fee classification


1.       Fee classification. Classification for payment of fees is determined either by the nationality of the parent/guardian who undertakes to be responsible for the payment of fees, or the fee category he/she is permitted to opt for. The status of the “paying” parent’s nationality will be determined based on their passport. 

a.       Ghanaian: Ghanaian refers to the “paying” parent being of Ghanaian citizenship

b.      Long-term expat: Long-term expat refers to the “paying” parent residing in Ghana for at least 5 years or more

c.       Short-term expat: Short-term expat refers to the “paying” parent residing in Ghana for less than 5 years


2.       Fee classification opt-in. As an international school, a fixed number of places are reserved for children of expatriate parents within each grade. In the instance where all the spots for Ghanaian children have been filled, a parent/guardian of Ghanaian nationality, who is able to pay expatriate fees, may be permitted to opt to pay these fees in order to gain special access for his or her child through the category, provided there is space. Once a parent/guardian opts for this category, he/she will remain in it until he/she qualifies to be reclassified. Reclassification is done at the discretion of the Head of School.


Other costs


There are a number of other costs that you should also be aware of:

·         School uniforms

·         Recorder (musical instrument) for Grades 1 to 4

·         Lunch program (optional)

·         Extra-curricular activities (optional)

·         Afterschool program – available from 3:30 to 5:30 from Monday to Thursday

·         Workbooks

·         Textbooks (Upper school only)

·         Excursions and school trips


At this time we do not provide the fees online. Please visit the Admissions office to get the current fees.   

Date Updated : 2012-05-30